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Wow, what a week!

My Little Square Hoop earrings were on the front page of Etsy Sunday evening my time, and since then I’ve been run off my feet filling orders! Thank you to all the lovely people who bought something from me!

In the meantime, I have been getting some gorgeous things in the post…

The most surprising, and sweet, of these was a very belated birthday present from one of my oldest friends. I know she reads this blog, so thank you Mandy! (Psst, don’t ever call her that, she’ll give you her evil teacher-stare. I currently have exemption…) Here it is:

Mandy's Present

Isn’t that awesome! She knows me, and has given me something that combines her (she’s a big Kikki-K fan) and me (I love books and journals, and am always having ideas!). That’s the best kind of present there is.

I also got this little package…

artbeads package

Inside are the Artbeads products that I’m going to be reviewing. What’s in there? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out! But I promise, the contents are gorgeous, and perhaps not what you were expecting!

Finally, I got a package I’ve been long-awaiting! The original got lost in the post, so the lovely Bec from Purr Prints sent me a new one – thank you Bec!

I got two gorgeous round magnets featuring Bec’s cat art:

Purr Prints Magnets

And the adorable Moody Max magnet – with moveable bits!

Moody Max

I have also finished a custom set of Name Earrings, which I’m really happy with – I can only hope my customer is just as happy!

Jas Earrings

Tonight I’m off for a night out with friends – a nice way to wind down after a super-busy week, both with my business and at my day job!


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