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Hey, look up there – it’s a new tag-line!

(If you’re reading this in your feed-reader, pop on over to the blog to find out what the hell I’m on about.)

It came to me as I was trying to get to sleep last night – as many good ideas do – and I managed to stop myself from leaping up and hopping straight onto the computer.

I realised it sums up what I’m on about perfectly.

I’m a professional crafter and creative, sure, but I’m also a career renegade, living an unconventional life, and I’m using my passions to create the income I need to fund this, frankly, amazing life that I’ve managed to create.

I’ve realised that not only my business –  but also my whole life – is DIY.

I’m not following any traditional path (although I started out on the treadmill of school/uni/work – lots and lots of uni…).

I’m learning as I go. I make mistakes. I fall down. But mostly – mostly – I do okay, and sometimes, I even shine.

And it got me thinking… maybe I should talk about all of these things a little more, because maybe you want to break out of the normal – maybe you want to craft your own DIY life, too.

Perhaps, if I share my lessons along the way, we can figure it out together?

Because this is more than a craft blog,  or a vintage style blog, or a crafty biz blog. It’s about all of those things and much, much more – in the end, it’s about all of the elements that make up my own DIY Life.

Do you have this dream? (I know some of you do – you’ve told me.)

To live life by your own terms, in your own ways? Even if it means some people won’t understand?

Even if it means giving up things that you’ve been taught by society that you need? (Do you? Really?)

 It could just be little things – little ways you want to live differently (but, just quietly, it could be big, scary, life-shaking-up-a-ble ways that you want to change, too).

I’ll share my dreams with you. Will you share yours with me?


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P.S. My review of a somewhat awesome book on this very topic will be up later tonight…

Image from Apartment Therapy via Pinterest.