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So, I saw this sloth necklace by MaryMary on Etsy recently (was she the featured seller?) and didn’t think much of it. I thought it was cute, of course, and the silversmith in me could not help but analyse the design… but anyways, that’s off topic!

The point is… after I saw this, I started seeing sloths popping up all over! It got me thinking – are sloths the new foxes? Will they reign supreme as the next cute craft meme?

Let us examine some of the evidence so far…

{Sloth tote by Proudcloud}

{Print by Em and Sprout}

{Sloth playset for the littlies by Wish With Me}

{Sloth buttons by Marmar Superstar}

And finally… you know something’s gone mainstream when there are wedding toppers!

{Sloth wedding cake topper by Bobo Babe}

 So, what do you think? Are sloths the next craft meme, or have you seen something else lurking around that might take the crown?


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