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Our next Dream Look comes from the lovely Angie – and she’s got not one, but two looks for you today! Check them out…


Hi, my name is Angie and I run a little blog called gnomeangel. I’ve been given the greatest pleasure of putting together a dream outfit made entirely of vintage or handmade items. There’s so many endless possibilities out there I was like a kid in a candy store. In the end I had to put together two choices because I couldn’t choose between the two. One is my dream outfit (if money, size and colouring weren’t an issue) and one is the outfit voted most likely to be seen on me.

I’m going to start with the fun one first. I’m fascinated by the new trend, Steam Punk. I’ve read a couple of Steam Punk inspired novels and I’m really digging it at the moment. So with that in mind I’ve created an outfit just in case I ever become an airship captain.

A collection of steam punk inspired items from Etsy.

a. Riding Top Hat b. Gothic Crystal Steam Punk Inspired Ring c. Alice In Wonderland Tribal Steam Punk Necklace d. Demonia Stiletto Heel Platform Lace Up Boots e. Octopus Tattoo Stockings f. Ruby Sparkle Ring g. Plaid Black Red High Waist Steam Punk Victorian Skirt h. Black Gothic Trench Coat i. Meschantes Ribbons and Ruffles Overbust Corset j. Neo Victorian Key Charm Earrings

This is the outfit you’d most likely find me if I were out and about in your local area. I’m a big fan of the humble blue jeans. I love them. I also love teaming them with my favourite footwear, Chuck Taylor Converse Shoes. I have a bit of a soft spot for the skull and cross-bone motif so it’s reflected in my choice of accessories. I also tend to carry a lot of crap around with me at any given time so I’m always in need of a decent size bag to carry it in. I’m going through a real sterling silver phase at the moment so all of my jewellry reflects that material. I adore this Modern Silver Egg Ring, I’m so close to buying it it’s just a shame there’s bills that need paying. My favourite colour is red (which is reflected in the tshirt and bag), but I also can’t pass up a good bit of tie dye so these socks help me get my bright colour fix without anyone knowing. I need glasses, so it’s vital that they be included in my outfit.

An outfit made entirely from items listed on Etsy.

a. Pea Coat Vintage GI Issue b. Modern Silver Egg Ring c. Pastel Tie Dye Bamboo Socks d. 50s Vintage Sunglasses e. Calvin Klein Bootleg Jeans f. Lumberjack Red Pendleton Satchel g. Tura Vintage Cat Eye Metal Glasses h. Salvador Dali Womens Tshirt i. A Special Little Wish j. Dangle Skull Earrings k. Pirate Knit Chucks

I hope you’ve seen something that you like in these two collections. I had a ball putting them together. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood come say hi over at gnomeangel, I’d love to see you!

With love from gnomeangel