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{an image of the floods taken by astronaut Chris Hadfield from the ISS}


You may have heard about the crazy weather we’re having in Australia at the moment – if it’s not fires, it’s flooding rains and winds.

We’re lucky to have escaped mostly unscathed – we’re dry and safe, though the ex-cyclonic winds did knock down a few trees on our property (including one that took down the neighbours’ power line).

The power was out for a day, and the internet and phone were also down until late last night, so this week has been a bit of a shambles, business-wise!

Due to all this, there’s no new weekly special this week, but there is another weekly treat, which you can see below.

Hope you are all safe, dry, and in one piece!


Urban Candy Weekly Challenge

Epheriell Urban Candy Challenge 2 (1)

 Sky, Cloud, Sea Earrings.

As of last week, I’ve set myself a new challenge for the first half of 2013. You see, I have a stack of teeny bags with various shiny and gorgeous beads sitting around, ready to be made into new Urban Candy Earrings… but I just wasn’t getting around to it! Most of them are small batches – only enough beads for 5 pairs of earrings.

So, I decided to challenge myself to make one new pair of Urban Candy Earrings each week until June… and sell them exclusively on Facebook! Each pair is a few dollars cheaper than my regular Urban Candy Earrings (and postage is included in the price of $35) so they’re the perfect way to get your first fix of Urban Candy goodness… and get one of a limited edition Epheriell design, to boot!

The earrings above are the Sky, Cloud, Sea Earrings, which went up on Facebook at lunchtime. Two pairs are already sold, so there are just three pairs left! If you want to be in the loop to get first dibs each week, make sure to like the Epheriell Facebook Page.

P.S. to top that all off, my webhost moved all my sites this week, so they were down for a little while. Apologies if you were trying to read the blog or make a purchase and ran into that hiccup!