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This is a giveaway with a difference.

As those of you who follow me on twitter may know, I have decided to branch out into a bit of freelance website design and creation. I design all of my own sites… and I’ve been building websites since the bad old days of high-school in 1996, when all I used was a html code program and ftp!

My first website (yes, you are free to laugh once you’ve read this) was an X-Files fan site. You see, I was a MAD X-Files fan in my teens – I totally wanted to be Scully. (Writing this I realise that I finally have the red hair, though not the medical degree and ace FBI training).

Funnily enough, during the time that site was in existence, it got over a million hits. I had no idea at the time (and remember, this was in the 90’s, the internet was a much smaller place then!) how awesome that really was.

Anyways, website creation has been a hobby of mine since then. To tell the truth, if I’d realised it was an actual career option at school, it’s one I would have seriously considered!

What has prompted me to do this? Well, firstly I love designing websites. The thought that I could get paid to do so sends me almost faint with joy. Second, I’ve realised how many of my fellow crafters and artisans would dearly love their own website, but don’t have the technical knowledge to build one.

And so here we are. I have come up with 2 packages for website creation specifically for crafters and artisans. The Basic package is a 6 page website with an integrated Etsy mini (or the equivalent on your selling site) and a built-in blog. The E-Commerce package is a fully functioning e-commerce shopping site, with a blog included as well, where you can sell your work yourself! For an example of a Basic site I’ve built, go here. For an example of an E-Commerce site, visit I deliberately build these sites using WordPress, because once I’ve been and gone, it will be super-easy for you to maintain your site all by yourself!

You can find out more about them here over on

“But Jess, I see the word ‘giveaway’ in the title?”

Yes you do, because this week I’m going to give away one of my Basic Website Packages. For Free.

(Just so you know – I normally charge $449 AUD for one of those.)

How do you win? Well, there are some requirements, and a catch.

Firstly, the catch – you can’t enter for yourself.

Yep, you read that right.

You must leave a comment nominating someone else to win this package. *Please leave a link to their Etsy/Artfire/Folksy/DaWanda shop in your comment* AND, you may nominate up to 5 people!!

I’m relying on the fact that you are part of the crazy, big, wonderful crafty online family… and that you know someone who could really use this website. Of course – there’s nothing stopping you and a friend nominating each other…

Secondly, the person nominated must be a micro-business, one-person-show-crafter (or artist!!), who already sells on Etsy/Artfire/DaWanda/Folksy (or other site that offers the equivalent to an ‘Etsy mini’ feature). From my research, I believe my prices are pretty reasonable – but I know there will be those who just can’t make that investment in their business right now. Nominate them!

Third, please understand that this prize does not include the cost of buying a domain name and paying for web hosting. I have a great hosting company to recommend to the winner, but it’s up to them to pay for it. Ballpark, it will cost them around the $100 per year mark to pay for hosting.

That’s it! Please get nominating, and I’d love it if you shared this post with those you think could benefit from it.

How will I choose the winner? I’m going to use the old Because honestly, I reckon everyone you nominate is going to be worthy, and there is no way I could choose otherwise!

Remember to leave me a way of contacting you.. and Good Luck!


The winner of last week’s giveaway is Donna – congrats!


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