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Lavender Farm

Insane Orange Roses

Lake Test

Window Box



Gorgeous blend of colours

Hanging Basket

Contrast - Orange and Purple

Minack Theatre




Cottage Garden



Flower Field at the Eden Project

I think the title says it all, really. England is AMAZING this time of year – the variety and colour of flowers is phenomenal.

I couldn’t help but capture it – and these are only some of the flower images I’ve taken!

I have fallen completely in love with the English cottage garden – all the tiny but bountiful gardens in the front of townhouses; the hanging baskets that adorn pubs and homes; the wildflowers that bloom in copious colours.

I am definitely planning on brightening up our own little garden when we return home. And I’m planting lavender – lots of it! We visited a lavender farm today and it was just gorgeous… though the last  photo here is my favourite. I took it at the Eden Project in Cornwall – and they sold this combination as a seed mix! I desperately wanted to buy it, but thought Australian Customs probably wouldn’t let me take it into the country, so I didn’t. I’ll have to content myself with gazing at the image of the flower field…


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