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Once upon a time, if you wanted to be inspired, look at beautiful things, and view curated collections of awesome, you went to read a blog.

Now? Perhaps not so much.

With the rise of Pinterest, and, to a lesser extent, Instagram and Tumblr, the places we go to bask in visual beauty have shifted.

I rarely log onto my Google Reader to check new blog posts – I kinda rely on seeing links on FB and twitter… and links on Pinterest, too!

Why is this? Is it because Pinterest is so much quicker and easier than scanning through all those blog posts? Is it the endless time-poor feeling that we seem to be drowning in these days?

I know my first port of call whenever I want to chill out and ride the visual party wave is Pinterest. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t scroll down the endless screen, re-pin, pin new things, and – most importantly to me – use Pinterest as a blogging tool.

However… it’s also made me re-think the way I blog – and I have a feeling that I might not be the only one.

Successful and beautiful blogs such as swissmiss and Design for Mankind come to mind as the type of blog that may soon become obsolete in the wake of Pinterest. They have multiple short posts each day, sharing curated content with short commentary. I do the same here with my ‘Today I Like‘ posts, and so do many other bloggers, in their own way.

But are these sorts of posts enough any more?

Are they enough to keep an audience engaged and – more importantly – to keep new people coming to the site?

What makes us more likely to visit a design blog – which is the curated content of one or a small number of people – than Pinterest, which is brimming with endless inspiration and beauty that you yourself have curated yourself over time – by following people whose tastes you share.

Or, is it precisely because design blogs are a singular (or very limited) voice that we read and visit them still?

Have you noticed your internet habits changing due to Pinterest? 


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