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I’m stoked to announce that – starting this week – there will be weekly specials in the Epheriell shop.

Each week, a different piece of jewellery (or jewellery set) will be on special. Generally these will be % discounts, but sometimes they might be a BOGO or other type of special.

Since I have over 250 Epheriell pieces now, I thought this would be a nice way to highlight a different piece each week – many of which you might have never seen before!

I’ll be adding the special to the Epheriell Facebook Page each week, but I’d also love your feedback on whether or not you’d like a very brief email each Monday letting you know which item is on sale that week (if you’re on the APL, of course!). If you’ve got one minute spare (seriously, there are 2 yes/no questions) I would be super-appreciative if you could quickly give me your feedback here.

I’ll be running the weekly special for the rest of 2012, and if it goes well, I’ll continue it into the new year.

To kick things off, this week I’ve put an absolute classic Epheriell design on special – the Little Square Hoops! These were one of the very first designs I made way back in 2008 when I first discovered sterling silver.

They have been endlessly popular over the years – many people have bought them to wear every day in place of traditional round sleepers, as they are small and super-comfortable (yep, even to sleep in!).

They are on sale this week for just $25 – normally they sell for $33! Head on over here to find out more.

P.S. These specials will be available at and Etsy only.


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