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Welcome to How-To Tuesday – a new regular feature on Epheriell Designs. Each week I will publish a video showing you a skill or technique to help you with your jewellery making.

Video Tutorial

Text and Picture Tutorial

Tools & Materials:

  • Sterling Silver wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nosed Pliers
  • Nylon and/or Planishing Hammer
  • Anvil/steel block

1. Cut two pieces of wire. Make sure to cut the ends flush.

Video 30 002_0001

2. Using your pliers, make a tight loop in one end of the longer piece.

Video 30 010_0001

3. Then take the end of the wire with the loop, and bend it back around on the thicker part of the pliers.

Video 30 010_0002

4. Finally, make another loop in the other end of the wire, so that the two loops rest next to each other, as you can see here.

Video 30 010_0003

5. With the other piece, we’re just going to make a figure-of-eight. The crucial thing is that the larger loop in this piece will fit over the end of your hook nicely.

Video 30 025_0007

6. Finally, hammer your pieces to harden and strengthen them – and you can also hammer them for appearence!

Video 30 009_0001

7. You now have your very own handforged clasp – enjoy!


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