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{Owen Davey via Bonnie Saporetti on Pinterest}

There’s something about tea. It serves so many functions in my life and my family.

Tea party 2

{by Margtography}

It brings us together. In sad times, happy times, strange times, and good-old normal times, a cup of tea is a reason for us to gather together.

TEA FOR TWO -- And a Cup for the Camera Man

{by Okinawa Soba}

It’s the way to kick off a new day.

Tea time II

{by ~ Maria ~}

It’s an excuse for a break.

tea cups

{by sarapulver}

It’s a way to warm your hands and insides when it’s cold.

I'm a Tea Lover, For Real

{by Lindsay S Images}

It’s a necessary accompaniment to a cold day and a book.

Tea & Reflection

{by Bee and Buzz}

It helps me think.

Tea Head

{by kyerabianca}

In fact, there’s a cup of it sitting next to me right now as I write this.


{by peony3}

Ahh, sweet tea – where would I be without you?


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