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I have a new work ritual.

Every day, when I make my way to my studio, I pull out and light a scented candle. I recently bought a stack of different candles from City of Light Candles, and I’m yet to try all the different scents.

I love the little ritual of lighting the candle, and smelling the lovely scent that fills the room throughout the day. The flame burns steadily as I work, and when my work is done, I extinguish the candle.

It’s a little thing, but it’s symbolic. Lighting the candle sends a message to my subconscious that it is time to work. It also sends a message that work is a positive, nourishing thing.

The beautiful smells floating around me calm or invigorate as I work.

I have a few other work rituals, but this is by far the sweetest.

The longer I work for myself, the more I realise the importance of habits/rituals and organising my day. I’m also realising that I don’t have to work ALL the time. It’s okay to get up and go for a walk in the morning, just to get outside and enjoy the blue sky, sun, and woods at the end of my street.

It’s okay to read a novel in the evenings. Because not everything I do needs to be about furthering my business. My life goes beyond that.

I forgot this for a while.

It’s about working when you need to, and stopping when you need to. That as much as work and life intertwine, it’s okay to not always be pushing yourself to go go go, achieve, achieve, achieve!

Structure, rituals, and habits are freeing, because they help you eliminate the mental anguish that develops when you spend every moment second-guessing yourself and trying to decide what to do.

I am slowly implementing more structure into my life after being mostly without it for a few years now. But I have a long way to go.

This is definitely a topic I’m going to explore further, but for today, I just want to know – what are your work rituals? Do you have any, or is this something you still need to discover?

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