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You know all those pretty photos on my website showing me working in my studio? Yeah, I never look like that in real life when I’m working!

I thought it was time to ‘draw back the curtain’ and show you what I really look like on a normal workday.

While I love showing beautiful things here on this blog, I’m also all about reality. I don’t like the idea that I might be portraying some sort of storybook perfect life where I wake up each morning and look beautiful, my work and life flow by effortlessly, and I have kittens and rainbows and unicorns dancing along beside me.

My life IS awesome, but it is also simple, and imperfect, and messy, and brilliant, and frustrating, and, well… life.

THIS is reality. This is how I look 90% of the time.

My outfit today consisted of:

  • Incredibly messy hair put up straight after my shower with no brushing. It was probably still a little wet.
  • A pair of track-pants (it’s winter here!).
  • Bare feet. Usually in winter I’ll remember to wear slippers. Otherwise, I’m barefoot. Except when I go outside. Then I wear thongs (that’s flip-flops for all you non-Aussies).
  • A simple t-shirt – when you’re playing with chemicals and fire, you don’t want to be wearing your favourite vintage dress!
  • My much-loved work smock, bought from Historika. I LOVE this thing, it took me ages to find the perfect one. It has big pockets in front, a strap long enough to tie in front (so I don’t have a bow at my back to annoy me when I’m sitting down) and – most importantly – straps over my shoulders rather than behind my neck (HATE halter-top anything, always feels like it’s dragging my neck down).
  • Oh, and my glasses, of course. Often I’ll take them off for photos, but I wear them all day every day. (I can still see without them, things are just a *tad* fuzzy.)

Since I don’t actually go out in public most days, my most often worn clothing is kinda also my most daggy and comfy! And I never ‘do’ my hair. And there’s certainly no makeup on that face!

Rarely, I’ll feel the need to actually ‘dress up’ for work – that is, wear a nice dress, put on some jewellery… but those days are few and far between.

I’m not usually found in my PJs, though – I always try to get ‘dressed’ of a morning, because if I stay in my jammies, I never quite feel like I’m ready for work. Getting up, having a shower and getting dressed helps put me in the right mindframe for a workday. Days I don’t do this, for whatever reason, I never quite get up to speed.

Sometimes I’ll forget to wear my smock, but I try to remember as it protects my clothes from silver dust, chemicals and my soldering torch (though if I get that anywhere near my body there is something VERY wrong). It also gives me something to wipe my hands on – I have to wash them so many times a day as they get covered in gunk – when I’m filing, sandpapering, polishing etc

So, here’s where you come in, compadre – are you willing to show us your REAL work-at-home attire? Go on, shatter the illusion of perfection – none of us look perfect every day!

If you’d like to draw back your own curtain, write a post on your blog showing us your real work-at-home attire, and leave a link to the post below! PJs welcome ;D

Oh, and here’s the proof of the bare feet…


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