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Hello lovelies! Today kicks off my brand-new video review series – hurrah!

Do you like videos? I do – I love to hear and see a blogger ‘in real life’ (although, I’ll be honest, I don’t tend to watch long ones!). Don’t worry though, it’s only just over 3 minutes, so it won’t take long to watch. Unless you want to see more of me, in which case, do worry.

Okay, not really, because I plan to be back each Friday with a new review! I’ve mostly got a stack of fun crafty-type-books lined up – but I’m betting I’ll end up reviewing a lot more than books – I can think of hundreds of things I could show you and talk about.

I am having some VERY awesome stuff being sent to me for review over the next few weeks (as well as one very, very squee-worthy giveaway that you’ll find out about soon!) so I’m looking forward to sharing those with you.

I’m not one of those bloggers who goes around asking people for free stuff to review (because I think that’s icky) but sometimes people approach me and do want to send me stuff, and I’m cool with that. If you want to send me something, have a look on my Sponsor page for details – please don’t  just send me things without asking – e-mail me first and we’ll chat.

So! Anyways! On to the review of this lovely little Brissie (hurrah for Brisbane!) zine I picked up last week…

Review ~ Vintage Affair Zine – Issue 1 from Jessica Van Den on Vimeo.



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