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A few weeks ago I was inspired by a photography project that Victoria from sfgirlbybay had started with a friend of hers – and so I got in touch with my lovely friend Thursday!

We got to thinking, and decided that each week, we would take a photo around a theme (or dig one up from our archives), and do a swap – and both share the photos with our dear readers.

We brainstormed a big list – and Thursday got first dibs – our theme this week is Idiotic!

Here are our respective takes on this theme…



Jess – This photo was taken in the Blue Mountains, NSW, here in Australia. It was at the beginning of a walking track. I guess the aim of it was to indicate that no pets should be taken on the walk… but a cat? Really?

Thursday – In the town called Font here be your village idiot.  I’ve been in a typeface frame of mind recently and that sort of thinking inevitably leads to font snobbery.  I know I am not alone in my distaste for this idiotic letting, but if you ever care to read a rather belligerent (and hilarious) response from this foul mouthed fellow then just click here.

P.S. We are having a brain-freeze over what to call this project! I’m in Australia, Thursday is in Canada… can you think of an appropriate name for us? Help!