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Once upon a time…

There was a daily blog called Epheriell Designs.

A gal named Jess Van Den started it in 2008 to document her discovery of craft – specifically, jewellery – and to also share what she was learning about business.

There was a fair bit about her life and typical ‘design blog’ stuff in there, too.

Fast-forward to 2013, when I (time to stop talking in the third person!) decided to start a new business dedicated to helping fellow makers, and so I split up my jewellery (Epheriell) and my new venture (Create & Thrive) into two new homes.

Since then, this blog has existed as an archive of the years 2008-2013 when I was walking the first few years of my solopreneur journey.

If you’d like to see more about what I’m up to now, please visit the home page for the links to my current ventures.

Jess x