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Home-grown Ruby Red Grapefruit

Home-grown Citrus Fruit Juice!

Prettiest Washing Ever

The Harvest - Radishes and Baby Carrots

The Harvest - Radishes and Baby Carrots - Turned into Dinner

Gobbolino paws


King George Square - Brisbane

King George Square - Brisbane - Ice Rink

King George Square - Brisbane - Ice Rink

King George Square - Brisbane





This has been a crazy-busy week!

On top of wrapping up last-minute orders, finishing off as much *bespoke* and other work as possible, and getting organised for our trip, I also had to travel into Brisbane twice this week. Once for a dentist check-up (all good – hooray!) and also to give a lecture at UQ on Wednesday (which was ace).

We have been cleaning out the garden, trying to eat all our produce before we go – Nick pulled out a good harvest of baby carrots and radishes – and combined with some home-grown beans and some tofu, it made one very yummy stir-fry! And that was the best jug of juice ever, no lie!

I’m getting all my favourite dresses washed and ready to go – trouble is, I can’t decide which ones to take with me! #firstworldproblems

The Gobster has been keeping us company day and night – it’s cold for a little kitty, so he’s been spending a lot of time under the covers. In fact, as I type this he’s rugged up right here in bed with Nick and I, with just his little face and paws sticking out, fast asleep.

And just so you know – nope, it’s nowhere NEAR cold enough to actually have a real frozen lake in a Brisbane winter – but a fake one has been set up in the middle of the city as part of a winter festival – I would love to skate there at night under the city lights! Alas, we thought it best to avoid any such possibly-bone-breaking activities in the lead-up to our vacation.

Now, on to today! I must pack and ship the a few last orders, answer some more e-mail… not to mention actually start packing my bags!

Happy Friday!


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