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I am a homebody. I spend all day, every day at home, and I am (most of the time) perfectly content with that.

I am incredibly joyful about the fact that I have managed, somehow, to create this little business of mine, which means both my husband and I can work from home, and no longer have to face the daily grind of the alarm clock/work clothes/commute (I never, ever miss those things).

I live in a 2-room ‘apartment’ (for want of a better term) with Nick. We work in adjacent rooms. We eat lunch and dinner together every day.

He makes me too much tea every day.

He goes out to do the shopping and the post, while I stay home and keep working. Once a fortnight I go out for coffee with my Mum.

I wonder sometimes why I am so content to just be at home, when so many people seem to love ‘going out’. Perhaps being an only child, and content with my own company, helps.

Given, we do live on over 6 acres of land, next door to my parents, so I do have plenty of space and other people to talk to.

I also have a huge online community of people that I hang out with – I probably talk to up to 50-100 people online a day, easy. You’re probably one of them.

I do get outside of our rooms multiple times every day. The bathroom and proper kitchen are down in the main house. I go running down the country roads around our home a few times a week.

I have never experienced ‘city life’. You know, like you see in American TV shows where people live in their city apartments and go to coffee shops every day, dressed to the nines. I won’t deny a part of me would love to live somewhere like New York for just a year – just to experience such a different way of life.

But, really? I love the quiet, the space. I’m a born and bred country girl. I love being surrounded by trees and wild animals. Waking up to the sound of birds every day. Only ever hearing the occasional truck or car rumble by in the distance. Watching little finches playing in the bushes and the bird bath.

I like sitting in bed and having a floor-to-ceiling glass door in front of me, where I can gaze out over the back paddock.

I like not needing curtains for privacy, because no-one is close enough to be able to look into our windows.

I love to travel, I love to see new places and experience new things. But, at the end of the road, when I walk through my front door, I like nothing more than sinking into my own bed and having a perfect cup of tea out of my favourite handmade mug.

I am a happy homebody. Are you a homebody too?


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