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I posted the link to my Jewelry Photography – Do’s and Don’ts over at the Etsy forums a few days ago, and got a great response. One question that I decided I’d like to address and share with you all was – “what backgrounds do you use for your jewellery?”.

The answer is scrapbooking paper! I have experimented with a lot of backgrounds – trees, tables, and even a nice beach rock I found. But I hit paydirt when I started using scrapbook paper.

The beauty of it is that the sheets are extra-big. This means that you can make sure not to have any background but the paper, which gives a nice, clean, professional look to your photos. Also, there is such a huge variety of papers to choose from. I started off buying a stack of them, and just experimented until I found the ones that really set off my jewellery.

My most used background – the black one – was actually a fluke purchase. I’d gone into Spotlight (a large craft store) to get some other things, and (as you do) I decided to meander around. I was walking up the scrapbooking isle when that piece of paper caught my attention – and voila! My favourite background was found!

Now, since the majority of my pieces are silver, they look really good on a black background. Your jewellery will be different, and you’ll need to experiment with what suits your style best.

My advice with this process is to keep trying until you find 2-3 backgrounds that suit your work really well – and then stick to them. This will help, again, to make your shop look professional and bring consistency to your photographs.


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