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{Art by Ron van der Ende}

{Diamond Light by Eric Therner. Photos by Jesper Lindstrom}

{These Diamonds are Forever by Bianca Green}

{Cut by Katrin Roder}

{Shine by Aoi Koori}

{Art by Eika Dopludo}

{Silver Diamond Ring from byAMT}

{Himmeli Mobile by AMradio}

{Art by Ice Cream For Free}

{My Diamond Ring by Betty & Cash}

What is it that’s so attractive about diamonds? And not just the pretty, sparkly stone, but the shape, too?

It’s quite amazing, the different take on diamond that all of these items represent. They seem to take on the aura of something precious and special – a beautiful geometry.

I have to admit, the romantic in me is quite taken with diamonds – the stones – and the symbolism of them. The fact that something so beautiful has taken eons to form in the dark places under the earth, before we bring it into the light, where it truly shines.

Diamonds are beautiful, but they’re also incredibly strong. I think they make a good metaphorical role model in a lot of ways, don’t you?


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