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August’s Special Guest Blogger is Mallory PaigeDuring August, Mallory will be here every Friday, sharing a different way to craft with silhouettes. See her first post here, and her second post here, and her third here.

Oh resin, how I love thee. If you aren’t familiar with resin (I certainly wasn’t a couple months ago), it’s a two part liquid that air dries into a hard, glass-like surface. It meets my criteria for awesome product because the end result looks really fancy, it can be used in countless projects and it’s very simple to work with – love it!

Download and print the silhouette printable (provided below) and gather your materials. The printable works with a one-inch pendant, but you could increase or decrease the size depending on your pendant. I also chose to use dye and glitter in my pendant, but clear resin looks really great, too.

Cut out the desired silhouette background.

Press the printable into the pendant and use a craft knife to cut off any extra paper.

Mod Podge is a great product used for adhering and sealing.

Remove the paper printable from the pendant and apply an even coat of Mod Podge. Press the paper printable into the pendant.

Put an even layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper. This will seal the paper and keep the resin from soaking in, which can discolor the paper.

Mix your resin per your package instructions. If you’d like to add glitter do so at this point.

You can also add dye if you’d like.

Carefully pour the resin into your pendants. Allow to dry completely before handling.

If you can slide your pendant directly onto the chain you can skip this part, but most likely you’ll need a jump ring (which you can find at a jewelry supply store). A jump ring is a small ring that isn’t fully connected. Using pliers, gently pull the ring open. Slip onto your pendant and chain and then gently close.

Your necklace is now ready to wear. This would make a great gift and it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to make several at once. Who will you give a resin pendant?

Download the Silhouette Printable



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