Friday Faves #4

Happy Friday lovelies! Boy, it’s been a big week for me, with the launch of Create & Thrive and jewellery orders coming in.

I’m looking forward to a 2-day long party starting tonight – it’s my friend’s birthday cocktail party, followed by a day-long chill out to at their place in the city to celebrate Australia Day and listen to the Hottest 100 (a countdown of the best songs of 2012 on our nationwide radio station, TripleJ).

What are you up to for Australia Day? I hope you’ll be somewhere out of the rain and away from the bushfires – summer in this country is one extreme or the other, isn’t it?

Have a rad weekend!



{Jahyun Rita Baek}

These are quite stunning. I love the idea of combining the hardness of metal with the softness of fabric/thread/yarn.



{fine + feathered}

Headbands and I don’t really get along… but I’d be willing to give this one a try.




So, this is Keira Knightly dressed up for her role in Anna Karenina. I have zero desire to see the movie, but oh man, the costumes are AMAZING.



{Women’s Day}

Three-ingredient, no ice-cream-maker required vanilla ice cream. I saw a similar recipe on Nigella’s show last week, and man does it look easy!



{Jessica Nebel Design}

This poster by Jessica Nebel is so awesome!! You can turn down the little tabs to customise it over and over again. Perhaps put an inspirational quote up there each week?



{Ashley Golding}

I love this little selection of Ashley Golding patterns put together by August Empress.



{the vintage tree house}

If shabby chic is your thing, I’ll bet this vintage frame jewellery holder is right up your alley! You can buy one from the vintage tree house.



{Korean Beacon}

So, this is a photo of a singer named Diana Frampton. I have no idea who she is, but man, how stunning is this photography? The lighting slays me.



{a subtle revelry}

A printable pie box – why not? I’m sure you could find other uses for this cute little rectangular container, too.



Not sure where this one is from, but I loved it so much I had to share it anyways. After all, we are the only thing we have total power over.

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