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Knitting Needles to make Bangles out of

Last week I FINALLY managed to squirrel aside an hour to visit my favourite local op shops.

I was on the hunt for fabric scraps and pieces for my 100 Words & 100 Birds project, but I scored a whole stack of old knitting needles too. I’ve been wanting to try making knitting needle bangles forever, so I finally had a go!

Knitting Needles to make Bangles out of

Knitting Needle Bangles

These are the ones that actually worked! I was surprised at how many of the needles just wouldn’t bend enough to curve into a bangle – I snapped a few trying, too. But I’m quite pleased with these! Some came out better than others – but the beauty of this is I can always re-heat and re-mould them!

All you need to do is pop them in some boiling water, then pull them out (without hurting yourself!) and bend them around something. I, conveniently, have a bangle mandrel, so that’s what I used!

Not sure what I’m going to do with them – maybe I should give one or two away? I don’t think they’re good enough to sell, and I’ll be keeping a few!

Knitting Needle Bangles

So, would you like one? Leave me a comment telling me which one you like the most… and you never know, you might just get it in the mail!


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