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Last night I was in a quandary. I wanted to take photos of my newest creations for my Etsy shop, but – obviously – it was night-time, and so I had no natural light.

I had heard people  mention lightboxes around the web and forums – some people, in fact, say they use nothing but! I have always tried to take my photos in good, natural light, but I decided to try and make myself a lightbox and see how it worked.

After a quick look around, I came up with this:

A Quick n Easy Lightbox


I grabbed a small, opaque white storage box (I usually keep my completed jewellery in this one), a few sheets of white paper, and a white piece of cloth I have lying around.

I then grabbed my old lamp, (I have had this lamp since I was a kid – it’s the type that you can clip onto a bed-head to read by, though that part is broken now), and that was it!

If you do this – please note – don’t leave the lamp on too long! Mine runs very hot, and though I only had it on for a few minutes, it still warped the plastic a bit!

So – the verdict? Well, here are some of the photos I took – what do you think?

Delicious - Heart of Ice Necklace

Delicious - Heart of Ice Necklace


Delicious - Summer Berries Necklace


Delicious - Mint Julep Necklace

Normally, I would fiddle with the light levels in my photos a bit before posting them – but I haven’t altered these in any way at all.

I did find you had to be careful with your angle – some of the pictures I took came out too dark because I shot them at a bad angle.

So there you have it! A bit of imagination and improvisation (and I know you’re all good at that!) and you have a lightbox-to-go!


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