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FrienDs Forever ..

Good friends. I have had many a giggly phone call with one of my besties, Amanda, in the last few days. Chatting with her always make me happy (and she reads this blog, so say hi!) xx

a taste of honey (365-254 and macro mondays and mission24)

Sweet, sweet honey. In my tea. Really must cut back on this, but it is sooo goood…

This dress, and how I wish I could/had an occasion to wear it. Thought it might be a tad too sheer for my liking, ahem.

These 2 pens from Kikki-k, which I now own! They are so comfy to write with, and if anyone steals them I will be cranky. Oh, and I had a great chat about Etsy with the 2 girls who sold them to me!


I have needed cheering up because the saga of my teeth is continuing… which means we’re still stuck in Brisbane. Oh to go on our long-awaited travels! Ah well, the silver lining is that I’ve been here to blog and make my shiny things for my lovely customers… so it’s not all bad.

Whatā€™s making you happy this week? Blog about it and leave the linky below! Iā€™d really adore a link back here if you do (and please, no shop links) xx