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I know that traditionally it’s the flush of a new year that has people talking about their dreams for the future.

But here, in Australia, the middle of the year is an appropriate time to plan and think about the things to come. In our seasons, the time of Yule – or midwinter – has just passed by. The days will now slowly start to get longer and warmer. A whole new spring and summer is in front of us (not to mention it’s a brand new financial year too, for those of us in business)!

My dreams? Well, the first one is to get going on this holiday that Nick and I have been looking forward to! We’ve had so many delays… and I don’t want to jinx us… but I think our departure is pretty close now!

I also have a big dream in the form of a little magazine. *bespoke* Issue 1 is due to be published in October, and while that’s a long way off yet, there’s a lot of work to do, and a lot for me to learn, before that comes to fruition.

I have dreams to keep growing Epheriell, to keep creating new, beautiful, eco-friendly jewellery – and to grow this blog and inspire/help/share with you all in the months and years to come.

I also have an ebook that I’ve been working on… and I want to get it finished! I’ve interviewed 7 top Etsy sellers all about their businesses, what has and hasn’t worked for them, and I’ve learnt so much from what they’ve shared – and I’m sure other people will too!

Finally, my biggest dream is this – to be able to keep working on all of my creative endeavours, and to make a living from them so I don’t have to go back to a ‘day job’ once we return from our travels.

A few years ago I set myself the challenge of making a living online before I was 30. Well, I’m 29 now, and not quite there yet, but I’m an awful lot closer than I was even six months ago, and I have the desire to keep working, keep creating, and keep dreaming so that I can make that particular dream a reality.

I often have moments of doubt – when I think “is this really possible?” “Am I capable of doing this?”

I’m very lucky, though, to have a very, very supportive husband who just calls me a ‘clever cookie’ and has never once doubted that I could pull off every crazy dream and scheme I’ve come up with. I think that without him, I’d be a lot further away from my dreams.

I’ve never thought of myself as a dreamer – but perhaps I am.

But one thing I never want to be is a dreamer who never turned those dreams into reality.

After all – this is the only life I’m going to have. And if I don’t follow my dreams and make them happen… well… no-one else is going to do it for me!!

So – I guess my final question is – what are your dreams? What are those things burning deep in your heart and mind – that you want to achieve and bring into being?


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