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Like to know what The Great Australian Granny Square (TGAGS) is all about? Go here!


I have kept TGAGS growing this week, finishing off that lovely ball of purple yarn, and keeping the theme going with a skein of sweet pink yarn donated by Sally. This week I thought I’d show you all a little more of my life, so I roped in our (well, my mum’s) horse, Filly (not her proper name, but what we always call her). We’ve had Filly for as long as I can remember, there are photos of me sitting on her when I am very young.

To my mum’s great disappointment, I never was a ‘horse girl’ – I wasn’t interested in riding. Apparently the love of horses skips a generation in my family – I think she’s holding out hope that if I ever have kids, they might be into horses.


I mentioned last week that I was planning to make a granny square blanket, currently using lots of little scraps from donated yarn from TGAGS project -plus my own stash – and lots of white yarn, to make a blanket that looks like this:

And since I set you all a challenge to aim to make a ‘granny a day’ in June, I thought it was time to show you my progress! I took some time off over the weekend, and managed to get a few more squares done – here’s what I’ve done so towards this blanket:

I’m really happy with how these are looking so far – and they’re so much fun to make, too!

So, what do you think? I’m not really sticking to any colour scheme, except for the overall design of 2 colours per square, surrounded by white. I can’t wait until I’ve got a whole lot more and I can start putting them together!


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