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Behold the majesty that is…


One of the things I love most about living in the country and working from home is that I get to wander outside into the garden at my leisure. I can go sit out by the vegie garden in the back paddock and soak up a little sun when my natural vampire-like tendencies of hunching over a keyboard or jewellery bench inside all day are taking over. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to actually leave our shed and walk down to the house for the shower, I am sure days would go by without me seeing outside. Terrible.

Now, thanks to my super-clever husband Nick (and a little input from builder-of-all-things-Dad), I have a new reason to get outside – to visit our new chickens! Nick has spent the last 2 weeks constructing what I like to call the CHICKEN PALACE (imagine that being said in a big booming voice and you’ll get the picture). I also sometimes call it the Chicken Prison, ’cause really, it does look a bit like that.

Nick constructed the entire thing from scrap metal and other bits and pieces that we had laying around on the property – the only new thing was the steel mesh.

Let me take you on a journey…

Mum and Dad recently had to replace their 20-year old dryer as it finally died. So, what to do with said old dead dryer? Why, take the door out and make a whimsical porthole in the larger Chicken Palace door. This little door allows us to just look through the window or open it and poke our head in to see what the chooks are up to.

The have perches aplenty. They even have a skylight, for goodness sake!

The each have their own nesting boxes, like the queens they are…

And they have open space to roam in the sunshine. (Ignore the handles, they were put there simply so we could drag this thing into place, it’s heavy!).

Finally… here they are! Our new girls. This was them exploring their new digs when we brought them home yesterday.

After a week or so of settling in, we’ll start letting them out to roam during the day. We already attempted to introduce the cat to them (from a distance) but the cat was having none of it. He’s a big chicken, himself.

Of course, we need to name them now! I asked around on twitter and instagram yesterday arvo and got some great suggestions, but I thought I’d give you all the chance to get a word in before we made the final choice. What do you think we should name our new girls?

P.S. Those of you who saw my tweet last night about the GIANT CARPET PYTHON we saw on the mesh of the coop last night, never fear, all three chickies are still alive and well!


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