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Today I have dug around the internet to find the top 10 handmade online sales venues. There are a lot of sites springing up out there to allow artisans and crafters the chance to sell their wares – and they all have pros and cons. Check them out…


1.Etsy – the big daddy of them all, and the most popular, Etsy is a great place to get started. You can also sell vintage and supplies on Etsy, which you cannot do on some of these other venues.

2. Artfire – a new and fast growing venue, with the benefit of a flat rate fee for sellers. You can have 10 items listed for free. Buyers can choose their currency and buy with no sign-up.

3. MadeIt – an Australian-only selling venue – but open to international buyers – though the prices are in AUD.

4. Zibbet – a new venue. One of the good features of Zibbet is that they only take fees when you sell something – and you can earn money by referring others to the site, too.

5. Dawanda – This is the European-based major sales venue. Quite popular and growing.

6. Folksy – this has been around for a while now – it was originally for UK sellers only, and is in Pounds, but it seems to have opened up to international sellers now.

7. Pinkdoodle – Based in London, you can buy and sell creative products and services. It also prides itself on being fairtrade and green.

8. 1000 Markets – you acan shop by a collection of markets, or just by shop.

9. Silkfair – this has some very cool store customisation features!

10. Made it Myself – a new, beta site, which seems promising. It currently claims to be free to sell on, but then mentions nominal fees in the ‘about’ section, so not quite sure what the fee structure is.

And an honourable mention to WinkElf – another cute little handmade site to check out.