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This week, I’ve found ten awesome jewellery tutorial sites. If you have another you’d like to share, please leave a link in the comments!

1. YouTube – search for anything you can think of – and you’ll probably find it.

2. About – the jewelry section on is full of great, useful information and tutorials.

3. Instructables – a large range of great free tutorials across a large range of topics.

4. CGMaille – one of the best free tutorial sites for chainmaille (or chain mail).

5. Aunties Beads – this jewellery supply website has a large range of free jewellery tips and tutorials, including a number of vidoes.

6. You Can Make This – the home of a plethora of tutorials across all subjects – you do have to pay for them, however.

7. Wigjig – a number of free tutorials in both text/picture and video.

8. Ganoksin – heaps of free video tutorials – you simply have to register for a free account to view them.

9. Beaducation – online classes, via video, plus a number of free tutorials, also.

10. Eni Oken – Eni makes gorgous jewellery, and she sells tutorials at an advanced level. Her site also has links to a huge number of free tutorials for beginners/intermediate jewellery makers.

If you have a site that you’ve found super-useful for your craft, please let me know, either by contacting me or leaving a comment on this blog. I may be able to include it in following Top 10 lists!


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