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I have inherited a pile of lovely handkerchiefs from my Granny, and I’d like to make some keepsakes from them so they don’t just end up stashed away in a drawer.

I’m definitely planning on making or embellishing some cushion covers from a few of them – we also inherited my grandparent’s amazing 60s couch, and once our second room is finished (soon, soon!) that will go into my studio, and some new cushions will be a perfect addition.

Here are some other ideas that I’ve come across…

First, some bunting from The Craft Begins.

And this one from The Mother Huddle. I like both of these because I could not bring myself to actually cut them up.

Don’t think I’ll get away with this anywhere but in my studio, but that’s okay!

On the window theme, a little curtain, shared by Dancing Hen.

This last one is my favourite. I’m thinking of taking the white handkerchiefs and making a number of these for Granny’s other female descendents – a few cousins and their children.

The best thing is that not only do I have Granny’s hankies, I also have Nanna’s (Granny’s mother and my Great-Grandmother) button collection! So I could combine the two. I think that would be a wonderful gift for my family.

This tutorial is from Kootoyoo.


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