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{Kindness by A Life Through the Lens}

This week, I want to do something different. 

As well as launching the #100BeanieDrive on Saturday, I’ve had a lot of charitable and philanthropic ideas come to my attention recently.

So, in order to explore the idea of philanthropy and micro-business, I’m having a philanthropy-themed week here on ED.

What will I be talking about?

I’m going to be talking about what my favourite charity is, and why.

I’ll also be analysing the juncture between craft, philanthropy, feminism, and the New Economy.

I’ll be talking about some fabulous and inspiring crowd-funded creative projects, and discussing how you can use this form of give-and-take philanthropy in your own business.

I’ll also be sharing a new piece of jewellery that I have created that will have philanthropy built-in to it – both in its design and in what I do with the money earned.

Of course, I’ll also be using this week to gently remind you about – and update you on – my current philanthropic passion – the #100BeanieDrive.

To kick things off, I’d love to start the week by asking you to share how you include philanthropy/charitable giving in your every day life (and perhaps in your business, too!). Please share in the comments!