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  • I just love the stunning blue that she’s wearing in this photo – and the gorgeous misty wood!
  • Speaking of images, I love this collection of soft, dreamy pictures over at Design is Mine
  • There’s a lovely stationary giveaway happening over here!
  • Stunning, stunning paper art over on Dude Craft
  • Some adorable free printable giftwrap – valentines-style!
  • Tara gets us thinking about our goals – seriously – what do you want to achieve?
  • Even more amazing paper art featured over on Upon a Fold

How’s your weekend going, lovely people? I spent yesterday having a much-needed day off, and managed to read an entire novel… I knew I had to finish it so I could wake up and get to work the next day! I’m terrible when I’m reading – I become completely absorbed in the story and hate to put it down – does that happen to you, too?


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