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Hello lovely people! How’s your weekend going? I spent yesterday moving my computer desk up from the house into my studio, so now computer and making are all in the one spot – hurrah! Although this will mean that I will have to resist the lure of the screen when I am supposed to be making pretty things for people…

Here are some wonderful things I have enjoyed this week… including the photo above, which was taken by my friend Emma Kidd, with her Diana.

  • Have a cat? Then Cat versus Human will give you a giggle.
  • Pip elucidates how blogging and the craft community makes her feel… and she had me nodding hard while reading this!
  • Melbournians! If you want a stall at the first Finders Keepers of the year, you’d better get your skates on and apply..
  • Miss James from Bleubird Vintage talks about ‘Mama’ style – and that it can be hard to maintain… I can relate, except in my case it’s ‘work-at-home-style’..
  • Oooh! Have you visited Foxes – the NZ shop of design and wonderment? There is much loveliness!


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