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I was pleasantly surprised when I received a little treat in the mail last week. My friend Karen, of New Earth Soaps, has just launched a new lip balm, as well as a range of scented perfume balms… and she popped one in the mail for me to try. It made its merry way all the way across Australia, from Western Australia to Queensland, before landing in my hot little hands.

Can I just say OH MY!!

Karen’s Softly Softly Lip Balm is the most gorgeous lip balm I’ve ever tried. You know how you can buy those pots of lip balm and it’s very hard… not this one! My finger almost sank straight in before I caught myself! It’s super-creamy and smells divine. In fact, I’m very tempted to try all of Karen’s perfume balms, too…

Not to mention all the gorgeous soaps she makes…

Did I mention that all of Karen’s goodies are made from natural and sustainable ingredients. Yep! Head on over here to find out more.


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