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Firstly, thank you to Jess for giving me the permission to write something for her fabulous blog. In line with Jess’ theme for the week, Simple Pleasures, mine is about Blowing Bubbles.

{Image from Pinterest via Sarah Jokisch Asbell}

It is low cost (almost free if you make the bubbles solution yourself), easy (hardly any skill required) and guaranteed to bring out the giggles from children. I remembered how happy I was as a child whenever I got hold of a bottle of Bubble Magic, a.k.a. soapy water with a bubble wand.

I would run outside and try to blow as many bubbles as I could with a single dip of the wand into the soapy solution. I loved seeing how the bubbles float away high up in the sky and then pop into nothingness. I did challenge myself to see how big a bubble I could blow or how many bubbles I could catch with my wand.

{Image from MojoMechanics}

If you look close enough, you can see the colours of the rainbow within each bubble. There is no carbon emission from bubbles. You do not have to drive to a fancy place to have fun with them. If your guests blow bubbles at your wedding instead of throwing confetti, there is less to clean up.

Bubbles are light and carefree. Makes you think of how any unhappiness can float away with the wind and disappear with each Pop.

{Image via Inspire me Baby}

Now, seeing my son giggle and chase after the bubbles I blow reminds me of my childhood days. It reminds me that no matter how busy life can get, one should stop to smell the roses… and of course, blow bubbles on the way there.


Guest post by Cassie Lee.

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