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Teal Coat and Brooch

 Good morning lovelies – happy Monday!

I thought I’d kick off the week by showing you this brand-new-old jacket that I got recently – another Bess Georgette find!

I’m not normally one to go for super-bright colours, but when I saw this vintage trench coat I couldn’t resist – and it’s been perfect for coping with the weather this last week. Brisbane is always cold and super-windy at this time of year. (Well, okay, maybe ‘cool’ would be a better descriptor.)

 Check out the lovely detailing on the pockets!

 Teal Coat Closeup

Vintage Teal Coat

Teal Coat

I’m wearing another new vintage dress underneath, but I’ll show you that another time.

I also wanted to show off this gorgeous brooch that my friend Jacquie from Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree sent me…

Brooch - Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s handmade in Tasmania (which, just quietly, I can’t wait to go and visit again someday, it’s so beautiful down there!)

Outfit Details

Teal Jacket – Vintage, from Bess Georgette

Dress – Vintage, from Q’s Daydream

Brooch – Handmade, Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree

Shoes – Vintage, bought in Falmouth, UK.


And the winner is….

I have chosen the new name for my lovely dress form! Thank you so much to all of you who left a suggestion – I was blown away by all the responses.

There were SO many beautiful, cute, sweet, funny, and well-thought-out and explained names – it was really, really hard to choose.

I had to give some honourable mentions – these are names I loved!

  • Bessie – suggested by Elizabeth – because it’s cute, but it’s also my nickname! (Jessie… Bessie. Though, P.S. PLEASE don’t ever call me Jessie)
  • Betty Draper – suggested by Holly Leonardson – oh, the pun! Oh, the Mad Men reference! This was a close second…
  • Modeleine – suggested by Sally Oakley – also because I LOVE a good play on words!
  • Elora – suggested by Kristen – because it’s such a beautiful name


But, in the end, I had to pick one… and her name is:


Suggested by both Ann and Gwynn in different contexts (Gwynn because of the first initials of my jewellery businesses – E and V).

It’s a beautiful name – short, sweet, pretty – and I love that it’s a combo of the initials of my jewellery businesses. Perfect!

So, ladies, you both get a $25 Vintette voucher – I’ll be in touch later today xx

I hope you all have a lovely start to the week – I’m going to be back tomorrow with something big, gorgeous, and challenging… and it’s something you might want to get involved with, too!


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