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There’s a part of me that feels like inspirational/motivational quotes/affirmations are kinda naff. But then I collect them like candy on my Pinterest Inspiration board.

So I think we can safely assume that the sunny optimist in me outweighs the cynical Gen X/Yer!

These are some of my favourites, collected over the past year. To me, there are some pretty clear themes…

Work hard, live in the moment, and enjoy it. 

Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to be silly, but not because you think it’s cool to be ‘different’. 

Don’t wait to ‘arrive’, enjoy the journey.

Give, and receive with joy. 

Don’t put off what your heart tells you to do, because you never know which day will be your last. 

Find the good, don’t waste time on worrying.

The older I get, the more I let go of things I thought when I was younger. I used to worry more. I used to be more judgemental. I used to do what I was supposed to rather than what my heart told me to.

It’s nice to think that a little bit more wisdom might be making itself known as the years go on, isn’t it?


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