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Welcome to the next post in the lovely ‘A Crafty Holiday’ Blog Hop hosted by Angela of The Artists House.

The aim if this blog hop is to share why we are planning to have a ‘crafty holiday season’ and some of the goodies we’d love to get.

Well, I think everyone who reads here regularly will know what a fiend I am for handmade – so it goes without saying that I will be aiming to buy handmade this Christmas! In fact, I have already started my shopping…

As for what I would like? Well, I think this treasury I put together says it best. It’s called “Pssst Husband, for Christmas I Want..” Here’s a selection from it! (And, if you go back a post or two, you’ll see what he’s REALLY making me for Christmas!)

{Red Hot Pottery}


{Monkey and Squirrel}

{MaaP Studio}

{Out of Line}


Hmm, there seems to be quite a bit of a ‘white’ theme going on here, doesn’t there?

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