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Hello lovelies! Over this Christmas/New Year period, I often take a bit of time to do some organising. The other day I got the bug to organise my computer desk, and make it a bit more fun to sit at every day.

So, I decided to pull out a string of Christmas lights we had lying around, and make them the focus of my re-design. I then scoured my home for inspiring bits and pieces that would make me smile when I looked up at them.

This squirrel nutcracker is one of my favourite things – not only because it’s cute, but because it belonged to my Gramps. When we cleaned out my grandparents house earlier in the year, Nick and I fell in love with the little guy, and he’s had pride of place ever since. I really wish I knew the story behind it, but alas, I doubt Gramps would remember.

I filled the space up with crafty books and knick-knacks – the space behind my computer was regularly just filling up with mess, so I figured if I used it as a storage/inspirational space instead, I’d enjoy sitting here much more.

The heart-shaped post-its on the left wall are all ideas for this blog and my business – a pretty visual reminder if I get stuck for something to work on or blog about!

Up the top, you can see my Weekly Goals board – it’s my way of keeping track of the key tasks I need to complete each week, so I don’t get bogged down in details and forget. My yearly planner is also an indispensable part of my office!

With the reorganisation, my desk now looks pretty during the day, but how it looks at night is my favourite…

 Finally… a shot of me tweeting away, after a workout…

My desk is now a much more enjoyable and inspirational space… bring on 2012!


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