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Well, day 2 of my course was wonderful – though a little frustrating!

Today we had to design and make a silver pendant, utilising the technique called ‘sweat soldering’. This is where you solder one piece on top of another.

I decided to make a pendant in the shape of two raindrops. This involved drawing the design; cutting out the design from the silver sheet; filing and sandpapering the edges and faces smooth, and then… well, one piece has the solder melted onto it, and is then pickled and cleaned. All fine and dandy – until it came to soldering the two pieces together! You have to wire up the two pieces, then heat it until the solder turns. Trouble is, silver solder is silver! So it’s almost impossible to see the thin line form when the solder turns! It took me three goes to get it right 🙂

I also did a brass piece, and another ring, in my spare moments. The brass was much easier to do because I could see when the solder turned!

Here are the finished pieces…


What do ya think? Worth the effort? I did learn some awesome skills in this course – that I’m dying to put into practice! I’m hoping to visit a supplies shop or two in the city to find some tools and materials.

I visited Mum and Dad for Mother’s Day and Dad’s birthday last night – dad and I were talking tools, it was great! He made me happy by telling me where I can get a cheapish bench grinder!

Oh, here are some shots of the little workshop we were creating in…

My little work bench.. with a jewellers saw and jig

My little work bench - with jewellers saw and jig


The soldering bench


The bench grinder - for polishing!


Drilling, hammering.. and more


Pickle 🙂

Isn’t it amazing how something so lovely comes out of such a mess!

The course was put on by the Brisbane Insitute of Art, and was taken by Rebecca Ward. I’d certainly recommend it if you live in Brissie!

Now, I’m off to make a couple of earring orders!