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Happy Monday, lovelies! I am slowly getting back into the swing of work after having the WHOLE weekend off. Miracle of miracles!

It was Nick’s 37th birthday party, and we’ve had friends over since Friday night. On Saturday the guys set up a new fire pit in the back paddock, surrounded by huge logs from the trunks of the trees we had to fell the other week. It make for a great place to chat and eat with friends during the party. It was pretty darn cold, so nobody ventured far from the fire on Saturday night.

So, after a quiet evening reading and re-calibrating myself last night (I love my friends, but I’m a classic introvert, I get my energy from alone time, so I needed a good dose of that!) it’s back to work with gusto today.

I love finding beautiful, seemingly ‘undiscovered’ shops to share with you for our Monday feature, and this one definitely fits the bill.

Sveika Textiles is a handprinting studio based in Philadelphia, and they make a small range of nature-inspired textile designs. I love the simplicity of their designs.

Now it’s time for me to hit the inbox again. Have a lovely day!


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