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{From left to right on the panel: Lisa Walsh, me, Russell Allert, Megan Auman, Jennifer Lee}

There were a lot of things that set the Artful Business Conference apart from other conferences I’d attended. For starters, the tables were covered in paper, and we were given coloured textas to write and draw with. The above was one of my (rather lacking-in-finesse) efforts. I did spend time later going around and gawking at the amazing art some other attendees created, though.

I mean, what other conference lets you scribble all over the table like a naughty 3-year-old? Here are some rather more artistic examples:

{By By @rmk_ on Instagram}

{Shared by @elle_roberts_ on Instagram}

That little touch was just one of the many amazing things about this conference. Of course, the main point of any conference, in my opinion, is making connections with people – and the ArtfulBizCon didn’t disappoint in that.

I got to hang out with some of my favourite people – some whom I’d known for years online, but never met in person. People like the gorgeous Megan Auman, Jennifer Lee, and my sweet friend Kathryn. (There were so many others…)

Of course, the woman of the moment was the amazing Elle. During the conference, she actually told everyone that the whole thing was inspired by this post I wrote last year after attending the Problogger Training Day.

I was pretty damn humbled by the thought that I was the inspiration for this amazing event she put together. Goes to show, you never quite know what a blog post will achieve, huh?

The event was split into 2 days. On the first, each of us gave a presentation. Mine was entitled ‘What are you Waiting For’? and covered all the things that hold us back from growing and thriving in business.

{Shared by @russellallert on Instagram}

{Shared by @valleyincube8r on Instagram}

The second day was an insanely valuable slew of workshops – at least three every session. There are a few I’m gutted I missed, but thankfully, every single one was recorded, so I’ll be able to go back and watch them.

{One of the workshop locations – out on the stunning deck overlooking the Brisbane River. Megan Auman on pricing for profit. Shared by @elle_roberts_ on Instagram}

{My view from the stage during my ‘Grow a kick-ass mailing list’ workshop, while my minions… uhhh… I mean my audience did some brainstorming.}

The lovely Mel (who won her ticket from me) Right Brain Business Planning with Jennifer Lee. Shared by @lianakabel on Instagram.

{The beautiful Mel getting her Right Brain Business Plan mojo on! Shared by @lianakabel on Instagram}

And then, of course, there were the macarons. We all know how I feel about macarons. Mmmm…

And all of this with a view to die for. I love my city.

The biggest take-away for me was re-affirming the value of what I do. My Awesome People already know some of what I’ve been inspired to change because of this conference.

Being in a real, physical space with a group of people who GET you – who understand your dreams, who respect your business, and who have the same crazy desire to create beautiful and meaningful things – and a beautiful and meaningful life – is priceless.

I hope Elle invites me back to speak next year (because there will be a next year). But even if she doesn’t, I’ll be there.



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