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Hi lovelies! Well, I *had* planned to have my review post up this morning… but yesterday, unbeknownst to me, the shower man came to fit the new shower. Hence, I couldn’t have a shower until after 6pm last night – no video recording yesterday! (Don’t you hate having your hair washing delayed?)

I’ll be back this afternoon with this week’s review (it’s a book that I think a LOT of you will be able to relate to).

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a new photography style I’m trying out in Vintette.

Photographs are so incredibly key to selling online, and it’s pretty common to take what you think are the *best photos ever* – only to look back at them a few months later and think “hmm, really?”

While I am generally happy with the photos in the Vintette shop, I wanted to add a little more cohesion – and I saw an opportunity to add branding into the mix, too.

So, I’ve started re-photographing my necklaces like this…

So, what do you think of this style? I like the cohesion of angle, colour and background. I like the fact that my brand name is *right there* every time you look at the product. I like that the product is front and center, with little to distract from it.

I don’t like that occasionally the focal point being on the jewellery means the name is slightly blurry (like in the last photo) so that’s a tricky thing to get right. It’s also quite hard to get the background to be exactly the same shade in each photo when you edit them individually.

These shots were taken in natural light from a window – and then I always edit them in Picassa to make sure the brightness, white balance, and contrast are as true-to-life as possible.

If you don’t edit your photos, that’s a BIG suggestion I’d make to improve them! Editing isn’t creating something that’s not there – it’s bringing out the brightest and truest in your product.

Do you have any burning product photography questions? Leave a comment, I’d love to help!


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