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What is it that makes you fall in love with a blog?

You know, those blogs that you read religiously, or are constantly drawn back to. The ones you’d read even if they didn’t pop up in your feed reader or e-mail.

What draws you in?

Is it the personality of the blogger?

The content?

What is it about that blog that makes you visit every day in the hope there’s a new post ready for you to read?

For me, it depends on the blog. Some blogs, like The Happiness Project, zenhabits and Problogger, I go back to because they inspire me and inform me. Even though they are primarily info-blogs… there is a real person behind them. I like that.

Other blogs, like Blacksburg Belle, Mayi Carles, and Tara Gentile, I always go back to when I need a little boost for my business. I love them because the bloggers are enthusiastic, consistent, inspirational and always have great advice for me.

Some blogs, like A Beautiful Mess, Meet Me at Mikes, Dainty Squid, My Girl Thursday, Little Chief Honeybee, and more, I visit because I enjoy the brightness, the fun, and the personalities and lives of the bloggers!

As a blogger myself, I’m endlessly walking the tightrope of what I blog, why I blog, and who I blog for. I blog for me, but I blog for you, too. I blog to grow my business, but I also blog because it’s fun and because I like to share my thoughts and the things I love!

Sometimes, it can be super-tricky to find that balance. Should I be more personal, or more businesslike? Should I take more photos or use other people’s (which are usually better). Should I do more outfit posts/tutorials/business posts/videos/personal stories/interviews/features/fun stuff/short posts/long posts… well, you get the picture…

I think all bloggers constantly walk that pretty little tightrope. The beauty and joy of a blog is that it’s an ever-evolving, fluid, and malleable thing. Every day a blogger chooses what their blog will add to the increasingly-crowded interwebs. Sometimes, we’ll hit on something brilliant. Sometimes we’ll make a gaffe. Most of the time we’re probably somewhere in the middle.

I think, perhaps, the best blogs come from the heart. When we can sense that the blogger behind the screen is passionate, engaged, and in love with what they have to say. I don’t know about you, but I never find myself drawn back to coldly corporate or anonymous blogs.

So, I think my answer to the questions is: the blogs I love have heart.

How about you?


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