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This post is part of my 40 before 40 project.

22. Simplify – get rid of all the junk I have accumulated – have a place for everything and everything in its place.


I have a lot of things. Material things that take up space.

Considering we currently live in a 2-room converted-shed-sort-of-apartment, we have a LOT of stuff that doesn’t fit in here. In fact, we have an entire shipping container full of stuff that doesn’t fit in here. Oh, the things I have forgotten I own! When we finally build our house it will be like unearthing buried treasure.

But. Living in such a small space, and still accumulating the things you do, it’s getting a little cluttered in here. This year, I’ve decided to challenge myself to getting rid of one thing per day – either selling, donating, or flat-out throwing it away.

Hence, the 365 Things Project!

This week, I’m getting rid of:

  • A brand-new suit I’ve never worn. On ebay here and here.
  • An 80s Blue dress (which also comes with a VERY 80s cropped sheer pull-over). On ebay here.
  • A gorgeous wool jacket – I love it, but it’s just too small across the shoulders for me. On ebay here.
  • A pair of size 9 (AUS) yellow shoes. Going to the op shop, they’re too scuffed to sell.
  • A very old and rusted candle holder. Bin.
  • A stained cardi, that I’ve never worn. Given to dad to be a rag!
  • A cute 80s Pineland purse. I’d love to ebay this, but it’s a bit scuffed and manky inside. I got it from an op shop and it’s probably going back there.

Each week I’ll share my 7 things with you, and if you see anything you’d like to take off my hands (one woman’s trash and all that) feel free to let me know! Anything on ebay you can obviously buy – but if you see something I’m throwing out or sending to the charity shop, all you need to do is cover the cost of postage and I’ll send it to you.

And hey, maybe you want to do your own 365 Things Project? We can simplify our spaces and lives together!


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