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The time has come… to simplify and bring things together.

I’ve been considering this move for a LONG time, and after the big break I just had, it finally seemed like the right time.

And so!! From here on in, I will be blogging about Epheriell jewellery, handmade and crafty things, design, and my other creative endeavours over at

I really hope you’ll join me!

This brings my blogging load down to 3 (!) blogs – the Epheriell blog, Create & Thrive, and my personal (and sporadic) blog over on

I hope you join me over in the new space – I’ve given the Epheriell site a makeover, and the blog is a much more pleasant place to hang out!

It’s where I’ll be blogging lots of stuff from my recent 2-month holiday in Canada and the USA over the coming months (it’ll take me a LONG time to cover it all!) as well as all the usual Epheriell goodness.

This blog will stay here as an archive of the last 5 years of blogging… whew, what a ride!

Huge thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, sharing and generally being awesome. I hope to see you at my new blogging home(s)!

Jess xx


Find me… – All the news about Epheriell jewellery, what I’m making, what I’m building, handmade goodness I’ve discovered, and other pretty things.

Create & Thrive – Articles, e-courses and guides to help you turn your handmade hobby into a real business – learn from those who’ve ACTUALLY done it!

Jess Van Den – Random musings, thoughts, talk about triathlons, hiking, and other exercise-y stuff, and whatever else I want to write about that doesn’t fit elsewhere 😀