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This month heralds a new direction for me. I have said goodbye to my baby – *bespoke* – and let it fly away to a new home.

Letting go of *bespoke* was a hard decision, and it took me a long time to decide that it was really what I wanted to do. When you’ve poured so much of yourself, your time, and your passion into something, it can be incredibly hard to let go of it – even if you know it’s the right thing to do.

I am incredibly glad that I found 2 awesome women to take over – I don’t think I could have given *bespoke* up if I knew it was going to end. But letting it fly into the hands of 2 people I know and trust, who will bring fresh life and ideas to it, was a relief.

So, why did I give it up? Well, I realised my passion has shifted a little. Also, my time is becoming more precious as Epheriell grows.

You might have noticed things are a little quieter around here these days – transitioning from daily (and sometimes multiple-times-a-day) posting to posting only a few times a week has been a necessary thing at this point in my life and business. However, now that I’ve let go of *bespoke*, things might change.

I’m taking December (once I’ve finished all my Christmas Epheriell orders, and in the in-between-times) to decide exactly what direction I am going to take my business in during 2013 and beyond.

I have a few ideas… I just need the head-space to decide which way to go.

You see, I’m considering separating the crafty business stuff out from Epheriell Designs, and using this blog to focus on my jewellery work and celebrating/sharing handmade, design, diy, fashion – kinda getting back to ED’s roots so-to-speak. However, I’ve done that once before and ended up combining them again… but I’m thinking that long-term, having the two things separate might be the way to go.

I have dreams of creating a site that caters specifically to people wanting to make a living selling their craft online. Focussing exclusively on sharing what I – and others – have learnt. Creating a place where you can learn from people like me who actually make a living from selling their craft online – not just the plethora of folk out there who make money off teaching you how do be successful doing a certain thing, but who haven’t actually done it themselves. I know that might sound a little harsh, but there’s a lot of that out there.

I’m a big believer in learning and teaching – I am a qualified teacher, after all! – but I think it should come from people who actually know their stuff. People who have walked the walk, who have figured out how to actually DO what it is you want to do. Of course, most of those people are too busy actually doing their craft to take time to teach, but I reckon I can track them down and make them spill…

Before I go ahead and head down that path, though, I’d like to hear from you. Is that a place you would like to see come into existence? Is there already somewhere like that online that you hang out? 

As a reader of this blog, would you like to see me go back to talking more about handmade, design, diy, and fashion a little bit more, and talk about the business stuff elsewhere? I really want to know what you think, so please leave me a comment and let me know!