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And what an awesome market it was!

BrisStyle Front Banner

BrisStyle Front sign

The day began early, with the cold wind that has appeared over the last few days making things a tad uncomfortable for the outdoor marketeers!

BrisStyle Outside

Inside, it was a bit more cozy – but little did we know just how cozy it would get when the crowds started rolling in later! Here’s the indoor marketeers putting the finishing touches on their stalls…

BrisStyle Inside

I managed to run around and get a few photos before the day really got underway… here we have the lovely Bec from BeckyBean (Jade was hiding off-camera). (P.S. that is Super-BrisStylette Helen in the background – the woman who made all this possible!)

BrisStyle BeckyBean

I also grabbed a shot of SMBoutique – Sandrine came around and had introduced herself to me earlier – I just love her work!

BrisStyle Sandrine

And here is one of my neighbours, My Girl Designs – taken care of by Shannon’s lovely girls!

BrisStyle My Girl

My other neighbour was Tracey from Denim Days, who very kindly looked after my stall a few times when I wanted to wander off and look around!

So, what about me, then? Well… Nick and I arrived at about 7:30, and we lugged everything inside and began setting up. I hadn’t done a trial run at home, so I wasn’t totally sure how to put it all together…

BrisStyle Epheriell Stand Prep

But by 8:30 we’d gotten it all pretty much storted, and my stand looked like this:

BrisStyle Epheriell Stand Nick

BrisStyle Epheriell Stand Close

BrisStyle Epheriell Stand Jess

I was really happy with how it worked out – must remember to iron my table-cloth next time, though!! (It was brand-new out of the packet).

Nick hung around until about 10, and then I was on my own apart from a few visits from friends and family – my mum and dad made an appearance, as did a few ‘real-world’ friends. The most exciting visits I got, though, were from people I had only ever met online – it was so awesome to meet them in the real world! Early in the morning I met both Sam (from Jetta’s Nest – a fellow BrisSyler and customer of mine), and Sharon (from Shazzabeth, whom I’ve featured on my blog).

As the market progressed, I met one of my lovely online customers, who introduced herself and promptly bought another pair of earrings she had been eying off! The second was from Liz (hundredsofbuttons)! Liz was one of the previous donors to the Aussie Handmade Giveaway, as well as a DUST friend – it was great to meet her and her cute grand-baby. Finally, I met the Awesome Ange – one of my good mates online (and another fellow DUSTer). You might see her at the next BrisStyle markets, as she has been won over to the BrisStyle side!

Overall, I had a fantastic, though exhausting, day. I made 24 sales, which was just amazing. It was so wonderful to interact with people face-to-face, and actually see my customers enjoying my creations! I was left with a lot less business cards than I started with, so hopefully a few more people will come by and visit Epheriell online, too.

It was so incredibly busy – at one stage it was so packed inside that people had to queue at the door! I couldn’t have asked for a better first market, and you can be sure I’ll be doing all of the BrisStyle markets from now on. So, a big thank you to Helen and all the other BrisStylettes who made the market such a success – and here’s to each market being bigger and better!

(P.S. I made a few purchases too… I’ll show you those another time!)


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