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{From Diary of a Mod Housewife}

You know how sometimes a trend totally passes you by and you only come upon it after it has apparently been around forever?

Yes, well, that seems to have happened to me when it comes to painted jars. I saw the ones above yesterday – Megan had found them for the *bespoke* Weekly Goodness newsletter – and I loved them!

So, I got exploring, and found SO many gorgeous examples/DIYs that I thought I’d share them with you, in case you – like me – have somehow not seen this cute little project yet.

{From kootut murut}

{From Griottes}

{From Please Note}

{From Pure and Noble}

{From Joy’s Hope}

{From Georgia Pellegrini}

{From Going Home to Roost}

{From Apartment Therapy}

{From Lauren Elise Crafted}

I am totally itching to go try this out myself! My only issue is deciding on a colour scheme… any suggestions?

Oh, and another tip I read on one of the DIYs above – make sure if you use these as vases to put a cup inside, as the paint will most likely get damaged/wash off if you put water directly into the jar.


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